Hydraulic guillotine shearing machine

Hydraulic guillotine shearing machine

This fully Guillotine Shearing Machines is very versatile, reliable and efficient, designed and built to high standard to meet the requirement of precision sheet and plate working applications. Fast and accurate motorized back gauge with front digital readout is a standard with all models of this machine. The back gauge travels on precision lead screw.

Main usage、property and characteristic for the machine

This machine is suitable for cutting the plate which is of the thickness of 3-13mm, width≤ 3200 mm.

The tensile strength of sheets is 450N/mm2 . If the plate to be sheared is of other strength , the cutting thickness should be changed.

This machine adopts plate – welded construction , hydraulic driving, accumulator return stroke, The machine is of steadiness, and good rigidity.

It is fast and convenient to adjust the blade clearance .It has front and back gauge. Back gauge adopts mechanical driving revolution set to show numerical value. Front gauge adopts ruler counter and gauge orientation.To improve the cutting quality and efficency,the stroke and angle of upper beam can be adjusted, The machine is equipped with the protection frame to ensure the safety of operating.

Quick Details

Condition: New
Voltage: 380V 220V Optional
Dimension(L*W*H): 3880*2150*2000mm
Certification: CE ISO SGS FDA
Warranty: 3 Years
Product name: shearing machine
Cutting material: Metal Stainless Steel Carbon Steel Aluminum
Application: Industrial Metal Cutting
Color: Customer Choose
Type: Metal Cutting Tools
Cutting thickness: 0-30mm
Cutting mode: Plasma Cutting+ Flame Cutting
Cutting speed: 0-10000mm/min
Control system: Estun E21 NC Control
After-sales Service Provided: Overseas service center available
Rated Power: as client needs
Weight: 1450-9000kg

Construction of the machine

1. Machine frame

The frame is steel – plate – welded , It has good rigidity, The two cylinders fixed upon left and right columns, There is a auxiliary blade beam on the worktable. So the lower blade beam can be micro-adjusted, Also, there are plate – feeding balls on the worktable so that you can feed the plate conveniently.

2. Upper beam ,it steel-welded construction and stress treated, it has good rigidity. The cutting action is: the beam goes up and down drived by left and right cylinders and supported by front and back guides.

3. Clamping equipment : finished by clamping cylinders under the front face sheet , when oil enters into the clamping cylinders, the force overcomes the spring stress and goes down to press the sheet plate after finishing the cutting .With the spring stress, the clamps recovers . The amount of force will be increased with the sheet thickness increased.

4. Front support : it is on the worktable and indicated by the meter.

5. Backguage : it is on the upper beam and slided back and fouth
The values displayed on the front board. The range is 20-800mm. When the cutting length is over the max distance (800mm).You must unload the back stop.


Hydraulic Guillotine Shearing Machine Introduction

  • Our Hydraulic Guillotine shearing machines are characterized by high accuracy and cut quality in all conditions and on any material.
  • The solid frame of the machine and the double plate, that supports the work bench, ensure absolute stability with performance and reliability.
  • The quality of guillotine shear is certified by hydraulic, electrical and mechanical components with high range.
  • The machine’s performance, excellent in the standard equipment, can be upgraded with different components and accessories that are characterized by flawless performances even in extreme working.
  • The options of CNC control panel allows an easier use of the machine optimizing the manufacturing process.

Machine Features

  • 1. Steel welded structure with stress-free
  • 2. Three guide trolleys enable accurate movement and fine shearing results
  • 3. Hydraulically driven blade holder, retracted by cylinder accumulator
  • 4. Adjustable rake angel to minimize deformation of sheared plate
  • 5. Back gauge travel can be manually adjusted and knob fined, digital displayed
  • 6. Swing away back gauge function for cutting longer sheets
  • 7. Indicator-based adjustment of blades clearance is easy, convenient and swift
  • 8. 4 cutting edges blade
  • 9. Full or shorter stroke of blade holder is adjustable
  • 10. NC controller as standard configuration or CNC controller as optional


Technical parameters

Hydraulic guillotine shearing machine Technical parameters

Detailed Images

electrical box
Name: electrical box
  • Brand: Schneider
  • Original: France
  • French schneider electrical equipment to ensure the stability of the machine,safe and reliable, strong anti-interference ability
  • Electric cabinet with function of opening door to cut off power.
Name: Main motor
  • Brand: SIEMENS
  • Original: Germany
  • Guarantee the service life of the machine, reduce working noise, and save energy.
Main motor
Gear pump
Name: Gear pump
  • Brand: Sunny
  • Original: United States
  • The world famous hydraulic pump brand in the United States performs well and provides more power to the entire hydraulic system. It can support the machine to work continuously for more than 13 hours.
Name: Hydraulic System
  • Brand: BOSCH Rexroth
  • Original: Germany
  • Reduce the complexity and cost of maintenance and repair.
  • Resource allocation, greater efficiency, personalization and higher profitability.
  • Germany EMB Tube
  • Using Garmon EMB tube and connectors reduces the odds against welding siag jaming the valves and affect oil flowing
Hydraulic System
Ball Screw
Name: Ball Screw
  • Brand: Hiwin
  • Original: Taiwan
  • High precision Backgauge with fine ball screw and rail linear
  • The Backgauge features a horizontally mounted housing structure with high stability, single-shell dual-rail, high precision, X-axis drive and automatic CNC system.

Open Door Power Off

Front safegurad rail adopts opening door cut off power, ensuring the operational safety

High-quality Alloy Tool Steel

Made by high-quality alloy tool steel, the machine can meet the impacting load and high wear resistance requirem

Built-in Spring Pressure Cylinder

Built-in spring pressure cylinder, its lower end equipped with special material gasket, separately control the pressure, avoiding aluminium alloy or other softer materials being imprinted

Open Door Power Off
Knife rest on bench
Name: Knife rest on bench

This design makes the cutting machine’s upper knife rest guide rail surface, when installing the knife side is in the open processing environment, thus achieving the goal of reducing the production cost and improving the manufacturing economy.

Name: Blade Clearance Adjustment

Rapid adjustment mechanism for rearranging blade clearance, easy operation by hand, realizing stepless adjustment of blade clearance.

Blade Clearance Adjustment

Optional protection device

Front Photoelectricity Protection

Front Photoelectricity Protection

Back Photoelectricity Protection

Back Photoelectricity Protection

Pneumatic Back Supporter

Pneumatic Back Supporter

Front Feeding Table

Front Feeding Table

Optional system configuration



  • Hd LCD, Chinese/English
  • Rear baffle control and intelligent positioning
  • Control ordinary motor or frequency converter
  • dual programmable digital output, workpiece count
  • 40 program storage, each program 25 steps
  • unilateral positioning, compromise function
  • One-key backup and recovery of parameters


  • High-definition TFT true color touch screen
  • Servo control is adopted for the rear material
  • Automatic calculation of various shearing schemes of different plates
  • Automatic stop correction function of rear stop
  • Quick one-step cutting function
  • Store multi-step cutting sequence and products
  • soft limit function, power off memory, support multiple languages


  • High-definition LCD display is 275×48 pixels
  • servo control/frequency conversion speed control/two-speed ac motor control
  • Automatic positioning and retreat of the electric rear baffle
  • multi-program automatic operation, program and program step link
  • Cutting count, cutting range limit, power off memory, and English/English conversion
  • 1,one-page parameter fast programming
  • 2, navigation shortcuts
  • 3, 7″ widescreen color TFT
  • 4, the maximum 4-axis control (Y1.Y2 and two additional axes)
  • 5, workbench deflection compensation control
  • 6, mold / material / product library
  • 7, USB peripheral interface
  • 8, advanced Y-axis control algorithm, can control both closed loop and open loop valve
  • 9, panel-type installation structure, optional suspension box