Hydraulic single column press machine

Hydraulic single column press machine

The LVDCNC hydraulic press has been carefully designed to be a high quality machine. Research on frame selection has enabled us to design a product that responds to mechanical demands in the most appropriate and sensitive way to ensure structural stability and thus improved drawing accuracy.

LVDCNC hydraulic press design and manufacture of 2 or 4 column hydraulic drawing presses from 600 kN to 30000 kN for deep drawing, reverse drawing, embossing, bending, hydroforming and hot forging processes, suitable for cars, homes The steel/stainless steel is produced in white, heat hardened, trial/die and other industrial applications.

Quick Details

Power(W): 7.5W -- 28W
Dimension(L*W*H): Machine Size
Warranty: 1 year
Product name: Hydraulic Press
Application: Metal Sheet Stamping
Function: Punching Ang Press
Color: Optional Color
Material: Steel Material
Type: Hydraulic Punching Press
Nominal Force: 200kn/300kn/500kn
Keyword: Mechanical Metal Punching Machine
Name: Hydraulic Punch Press
Customizable: Customizing according to customer requirements
Condition: New
CNC or Not: CNC
Power Source: Hydraulic
After-sales Service Provided: Engineers available to service machinery overseas
Voltage: 380V/220V Optional
Weight: 4.5T -- 23T
Certification: CE ISO

Customizable services for your production:

  • – Photoelectric protection device
  • – Hydraulic cushion
  • – Moving workbench
  • – The mould with floating guide roll and bracket
  • – Quick die clamping mechanism
  • – Touch screen
  • – PLC
  • – Travel, pressure, speed, digital display numericalcontrol device
  • – The servo system control
  • – The hydraulic system of cooling device
  • – Mould heating system

Performance characteristics:

  • – 3D computer optimization design.
  • – Hydraulic control using integrated system, impact of small, reliable operation,long service life.
  • – Oriented design from top to bottom, good guide, partial load resistanceperformance is good.
  • – Can realize the constant pressure, travel is two kinds ofmolding process and olling function.
  • – Working pressure and travel can be adjusted accordingto the technological requirements within the prescribedscope, easy operation..


With decades of experience, LVDCNC has established strict policies for the selection of its components. All components are certified to European standards and are mainly from Germany, USA, the Netherlands, Italy and Switzerland. All structural components are calculated using the finite element method, using only high-quality steel S275 and S355 JR, ie J2 (+ N).


All structural plates used by LVDCNC are made of steel alloy (ie S355 or higher), certified and chemically and mechanically verified. The assembled components are welded together and standardized, ie i.a.w. UNI-EN10025 regulations. These structures are designed to improve load distribution and reduce the associated tension to minimize distortion.

Main Features

  • The frame is heavy-duty as well as compact and it assures precise results.It is made of high quality mild steel and it has undergone systematicmechanical processes.
  • Electric welding of high precision
  • Usage of high-tech boring machines for extreme precision parts


Graphic color CNC
The composite series has been designed for applications in which structural rigidity and lexibility in terms of production are the particular rerogatives required. Machines with several actions from the top or bottom or pecial solutions enable complex shapes and large dimensions to be achieved in a number of different industries, such as:

  • domestic appliances
  • car and vehicle bodies
  • structural elements
  • stainless steel sinks
  • cooker tops Laser beam safety photocells
  • Silent and reliable internal gear pump
  • High precision optical lines
  • Electrical panel with high quality components
  • Start&Stop system

Technology and functionality

The design of these presses provides a robust structure in electrowelded steel that ensures stability and firmness to the machine so as to minimize the deformation during the work cycles. Components are selected only between Main and qualified suppliers that exist in the market and each press is equipped with all legal requirements and security safeguards to comply with Category 4 of the EC Machinery Directive. Through a simple selection on the machine control panel, it is possible to set various types of data such as setting molds on RAM and lower sheet press cushion, manual setting being set up production cycle up to the semi-automatic and automatic cycles in phase of active and integral production.


Machine Frame

Original: CHINA
The LVDCNC hydraulic press has been carefully designed to be a high quality machine. Research on frame selection has enabled us to design a product that responds to mechanical demands in the most appropriate and sensitive way to ensure structural stability and thus improved drawing accuracy.


Brand: Bosch– Rexroth
Original: Germany
hydraulic and electrical systems are constantly custom designed to each machine, so give the best “performances” to individual presses, depending on its use so to maintain a good relationship “cost / benefit”.


Original: CHINA
The Moving Table sliding blocks, using an accurate adjustment system, ensure full contact on the guides throughout the sliding stroke, providing to the moving elements of the press the optimal parallellism accuracy.

Passion for hydraulics

Brand: FESTO
Original: Germany
The hydraulic cylinders are completely designed and built by Gigant Italia S.r.L., the liners are made of forged steel and in case of the larger size cylinders, also the stems are made from forged body so as to ensure the pistons are reliable, safe, durable and are not keen to leaks causing machine downtime.

Control Mode

The electrical system is controlled by PLC to help the operator work in a simple and straightforward manner.