Large press brake

Large press brake

Single press brakes are available with bed lengths up to 54 feet, capacities to 2000 tons.

These are not merely theoretical specifications. They represent LVDCNC press brakes that are working in plants today. These machines of unprecedented length offer the same advantages that shorter length LVDCNC press brakes provide: productivity, repeatability, long-term reliability, and the flexibility to meet changing requirements. Tandem press brakes are available with overall bed lengths up to 60 feet. They can be operated together to form long parts, or they can be operated independently to maximize machine usage. The changeover from tandem 0peration to independent operation can be completed in a matter of seconds. LVDCNC offers a variety of options to customize these machines: increased closed height, increased stroke, deeper throats and permanently widened beds and rams. We manufacture the machine to meet your specific requirement.



  • 400 to 2,000 tons
  • Up to 20 feet in length
  • Tandem configurations available
  • Available in Proform and Autoform models
  • 1 Year Parts & Labor Warranty
  • ANSI B11.3 Compliant