Round blade

Round blade


1. Regarding to high-precision requirements, we now can ensure that the thickness tolerances to ± 0.002mm. Therefore, the inner circle, its tolerance can be achieved to H3. All inspections of high precision products are made in the constant temperature room;

2. With the increasing requirements on the precision of sheet metal processing, we have developed ultra-high precision cutting tools, only the precision milling tools can match its accurancy so far. ± 0.002mm thickness tolerance and Ra0.1u surface roughness are our common standards. By using our technique and expertise, we can meet customers' higher tolerance requirements in regard to thickness, parrallelisism, flatness,etc.

Quick Details

Place of Origin: Anhui, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: LVD-CNC
Model Number: Circular Knife
Raw material: 9Crsi/Cr12Mov/W6Mo5Cr4V2/W18Cr4V
Application: Metal/Paper/Wood/Plastic/Rubber...Industrial machine
Warranty: 2 years
Certificate: ISO9001
Thickness tolerance: ±0.002mm
Size: Common and special sizes are available on demands
hardness: HRC40-68
After-sales Service Provided: Engineers available to service machinery overseas
Packaging: Standard package
Product Name: round blade

Operational progress

Material choosing → Forging → Heat treatment process → Machining → Testing

Knives are available with polished side faces; High cost performance, Punctual delivery.

Raw Material: 9CrSi, 6CrW2Si, H13, Cr12MoV, G1, G2, G3, etc.

Round blade

Material for Selection

(To select meterial according to customers' requirement of toughness and wear resistance)

The chemical composition of the material has optimization and scientific control curve; in addition to conventional elements, we add the right amount of valuable rate elements as the main metamorphic agent. To quickly and accurantely detect and adjust the chemical composition, we invested a lot of money to estab;lish laboratory equipment to ensure that the products reach the target. Thickness of different materials have been recommended cutting blade material, we developed a series of high-alloy materials.


Through the forging of metal in the smelting process can eliminate the generated as-cast defects such as loose, optimizing the microstructure at the same time as preserving the full stream of metal wire, forgings, mechanical properties generally superior to the same material castings. Machinery loads high, harsh working conditions, the important part, inaddition to relatively simple shape of the available rolling plates, profiles or welded parts, the multiple use of forgings.

Advanced Heat Treatment Process

Heat treatment process is to ensure and improve product quality which is a very important process; a good cutting quality need advanced heat treatment equipmengt and heat process can be fully manifested. We have advanced heat treatment equipment to ensure that castings with a specific time and process according to the required standards of the matrix transformation to achieve a great unity. This is what we have continued to carry out research and development and efforts to create the technical crystallization.


With the machining of precision sheet metal continuous improvement, we developed an utra-high-precision cutting tools, precision, so far only precision milling cutter can be matched. ± 0.002mm thickness tolerance and Ra0.1u surface roughness, it is our convetional standards. Our technology know-theft and expertise can meet the customers requirements to the higher tolerance of thickness, parallelism, flatness, cylindrical and the inner circle. We now have been able to ensure that the thickness tolerance of ± 0.002mm right up to a certain degree of inside the circle, its tolrrance can be achieved H3. Inspection of all high-precision products are carried out at constant temperature indoors.